Saturday, September 14, 2013

Book Signing & Tour!

Divine Destiny is Out!

August 27th was the official release date and it's been a trip since then! It's the room spinning? Because I feel dizzy. You have been sending me emails, leaving reviews and comments about how much you like the book AND IT'S AWESOME!!! Thank you so much!

If you still need to get your copy:

You have options! And don't we all love options?
Ebook:, B&N, Smashwords (Kobo, Sony, etc.) and coming to the Apple iBooks store
Print: Amazon, Signed: My Website or in person at one of the following signings:

Book Signings Ahead!

Saturday, September 21st 4-6PM in Lindale at the RELEASE PARTY! The Fatt Apple Catering is hosting this event and it is sure to be a great time.

Blog Tour!

I will be visiting various blogs from September 16-23. Drop by to see interviews, read reviews, win freebies and much more! Details will be on my website. Updates will be on Facebook!

Recommended Read:


Finding Amy by Carol Braswell

When Texas Ranger, Carson Garrett is assigned to locate and place in protective custody the wife of a man suspected of illegal activities with a Columbian drug lord, it turns into more than routine. The estranged husband has put out a hit on his wife and the only person who knows where she is hiding is her twin sister, Amy Summers.
It is a race against time for Carson to find Amy, convince her of the imminent danger and get her to lead him to Jamie so he can escort both women and Jamie’s four-year-old child back to Texas.
Besides the obvious problems of running from a man who is trying to kill them, Carson and Amy have an instant attraction to each other and it is clouding his usual sharp judgment and causing them both to make costly mistakes.

 Carol will be my guest on Monday!!!

Thank you...

To everyone who has read and commented on Divine Destiny! I'm blessed all the time with your words of encouragement. Please continue to write reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. I do appreciate them.

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