Thursday, June 13, 2013

Boas, Tiaras, and a peek at my novel

I had the privilege to attend the Boas & Tiaras event in Allen, TX. Fresh Fiction gathered some amazing authors and we had a blast! There were feathers and bling everywhere. Chrissy and I sat with Nikki Duncan and enjoyed her so much. (I think we were the loudest table in the room!) I was honored to meet one of my heros, Nalini Singh. I'm in love with her & her books. After meeting her in person I adore her even more. She is absolutely delightful. Here's a pic of my girls:

I will be posting my book covers very soon. I'm thinking there will be a give away???? Hmmmm. What would be a good gift for my friends? (she taps her lips while pondering)

As promised, a tiny taste from my novel PRIDE BEFORE THE FALL:

Kasey Blackburn had been much more than Vivian expected. The power most alphas possessed was faint in comparison to the wolf she’d just met. His potency was like another physical being in the room. On several occasions she felt the energy of it wash over her body as a caress. He was the first alpha they’d been required to meet with face-to-face. The others had been fine with a phone call. And he was the only alpha to have such upscale offices in the heart of a city. It was obvious he was a businessman and his Pack was doing well.

More than anything, she’d noticed how breathtaking he was. He was suave and sexy in a way that set him far above any man she’d ever met. Even with gray-kissed black hair and crow’s feet forming around his eyes, he was still in his prime for a shifter. His rich blue-gray eyes had connected with hers as soon as she’d walked into his office and she’d seen the wolf looking back at her.

Very soon you will have to opportunity to meet Kasey, Vivian, and their friends! Stay posted for more! 

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