Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Blake Pride Finds a Home at Dark Red Press!


So it's been a busy month around here and things are not slowing down any time soon! Yay! As most of you have figured out by looking at the frequency of my blog posts, I'm not great at this! LOL! And today I'm totally going to cheat.

I've recently had the pleasure of signing with Dark Red Press for The Blake Pride Series. The first book is due out in Feb 2014 and I'm jumping up and down about it. The official announcement went out yesterday... yeah, I'm behind! So I'm going to let DRP tell you all about it. (See, that's cheating. It's okay)

Please take a moment to visit my friends at DRP and check out some awesome books. I just love these guys!

Dark Red Press Welcomes JoAnna Grace

To answer the question all of you keep asking: 

YES! I'm working on the next installment of The Divine Chronicles. Ryse, Avery, and all you favorites are fighting over the plot of this book. They all want to be the star! I adore these characters but have a hard time staying on track when they take me on rabbit trails.

Off to write....